Holy cow what day is it?!?

Well there you have it! Day one, nay, WEEK ONE is in the books. HOMESCHOOL IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING PEOPLE.

Head is spinning. Exhaustion is taking over.

Back track. Day one.

Of course, since we are homeschooling and we get to set our own schedule, we decided to sleep in a little extra late. Well slept, relaxing breakfast. Oooooor, "MOMMYDOYOUKNOWTHATITSMYFIRSTDAYOFSCHOOL?!? CANWEDOSCHOOLRIGHTNOWPLEASEPLEASE????" At 6:30 last Wednesday morning. Christmas would not have been so highly anticipated. We had a very excitable tiny human on our hands.  Oh by the way, the answer to your question, kid, is no. We canNOT do school right now. At least, not until I've had a little coffee.

So we did the first day of school stuff, new outfit, pictures outside, special breakfast. Maybe some of this seems silly, seeing as we're just turning around to head back inside, but we decided a while ago that it was going to be important to include as much pomp and circumstance in the process as possible. The kid wants it, and there's absolutely no reason to skip the fun stuff.

Then, deep breath, it was school time. I was instructed to sit in the corner while my daughter grabbed her Frozen themes backpack (that's right, where just as big of suckers as the rest of 'Merica) and "walked to school" (read: meandered around the living room till she landed the edge of the School Carpet. I welcomed her to Kindergarten. She called me "Teacher". Good times were had by all.

So Week One thoughts? not sure if I've mentioned this, but I'm exhausted.  Like, fall into a coma exhausted.  It actually does feel like I have a second job. But also, it's a second job that I love. LOVE.  It's been a blast. The kid is learning new things, which is so stinking great to be a part of. We're finding new ways to bond, and I really really love the teaching part.

Oh yeah. Also, it turns out I have a second student. Got him some jumbo crayons and scratch paper, and we've been doing some "fly by the seat of your pants" stuffs to keep him involved. Until he needs to go play.

Although I'm not encouraged by the full actual week it took me to get up a post about our first day of school, I am excited about how this is going. It's been fun for everyone, and it really has been going well. Now if you'll excuse me, the baby is asleep at the moment and the older kids are distracted by TV, and I have approximately 20 minutes to sneak in a nap before... oh. Crap. They found me.

Might be time to start brewing some evening coffee.

Adios friends!

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