Homeschooling! GAAAAH!!



There has GOT to be a better name for it than Homeschool. I mean, we're stepping outside of conventional thinking! We're going rogue! We're being independent! I want something that calls to mind a little more Martin Luther, James Dean, Benjamin Franklin, or Kevin Bacon from Footloose, and a little less... I don't know. Homeschool.

So somehow, after years of "I think we might consider homeschooling our kids..." I find myself spending a Sarurday night in late August cutting out flash cards, sorting worksheets, and laminating copies of ABC Bingo. Because holy crap, it seems I just got myself a second job as a volunteer Kindergarten teacher. Sweet.

If you have anything in common with every other person I've spoken to in the last couple years, you  want to know why in heavens name we would choose to do something this weird to our poor impressionable children. I'm paraphrasing, of course. Some of you probably think it has something to do with the state of the education system, the liberal agenda and my well documented phobia of gay penguins, the cost of private school, the fact that I was a big fat Nerdasaurus Rex when I was a kid, or simply that I'm too lazy to get my kids dressed and out of the house before 8am every day. Some of you may in fact be correct, but I'm not saying which. Deal with it. (I'm just kidding. It's the lazy one.)

Super truth though, the biggest reason I want to homeschool my kids is that I want to. That's it. I've spent almost 8 years working with other peoples kids, getting thrills when I've seen them learn new things and take new strides. And that got me thinking: why wouldn't I want to have all those same opportunities with my own kids?? So it seems I do, and it seems I'm gonna.

So there ya go. This is the beginning of our new journey. The good the bad and the crazy of our attempt to edjumacate our own chillins. I'll share some info about what we're doing, how it's going, what we love and what we'd never ever do again. I hope you enjoy it, can share your own stories, or simply sit back and revel in your own life choices.

But now it's late, and as I have a couple of jobs to get ready for tomorrow, I best be off.
Bye for now!

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