The Weirdos are gonna be FAAAAMOOOOUUUS!

So through a series of unfortunate events (brand new computer decided it didn't like "on" anymore), I found myself at the mall in Fresno trying to weave my way through the smelly masses all the way to the Apple store.

When I see a woman eyeing me.

Not eyeing me, no.

Eyeing my kids.

And folks, watch out, she's got a clipboard.

So I keep walking, and uh oh, she's after me. And now she's here.

"Hello! I'm Blah Blah Blah with Blah Blah Blah Talent Agency and I was wondering... (gestures at my stupidly adorable children) have you ever wanted your children to..."

At this point I'm doing a lot more grimacing and head shaking than actually listening to what I'm being offered.

"....perform on the Disney Channel."

"Yeah, sorry, no thanks."

And why, you may ask, did I ruin my children's first opportunity to become famouses? Easy. We're not Stage Parents. We're Homeschool Parents. We already chose our crazy, thank you very much.

But in all fairness, my kids are RIDICULOUSLY cute. I can't blame the woman for trying. Probably would have been a career making get with these three.

And just in case you're uncertain of how amazing the Boogers are, feast your eyes on these:
Precious. Forever and ever and ever precious.

This is obviously photoshop. Real kids don't do things this cute.

Could there be a set of 3 cuter children?!? No. There could not. Thanks for asking.

It should be noted that I am on my daughter's poo list. I asked her in the car home how she felt about being on television. Her answer?

"YES!!! I REALLY REALLY want to Mommy!!! Next time YOU HAVE TO SAY YES!!!"

Whoops. I screwed up again.

Well if you're still out there, lady from Blah Blah Blah Talent Agency, I've got a couple of audition tapes for you. They're about 6 months old, but I hope it gives you an idea of the amazing things this family has to offer: 

Madelyn's Audition:
That's a Madelyn Miller original, folks. TALENT.

Kaden's Audition:
That's right. That just happened.

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