YouTube Watcher beware! Don't worry, it's totes SFW.

... Even though your boss is, of course, NOT a huge fan of your tendency to read blogs and watch the youtubes during working hours. You are hereby awarded 3 demerits for your sad lazy life choices.

Turns out, we live in the age of the internets. Not sure if you were aware of that fact, but it is true. We do. And not only is this beneficial to people who want easy access to shopping and movies and porn, this is also a kick butt amazing awesome-sauce fact for us homeschooling weirdos.

On the first day of each unit study, the teacher's manual instructs us to "present information about (apples/water/dinosaurs/etc)". And although the internet is strangely devoid of information on the topic of etc, it's been a huge help in providing me with interesting information on everything else.

So earlier this week, I went back to the internet to learn some interesting new things about Goats. Yes, goats. It's G week, and we're learning about goats. Amid all the fainting goats and screaming goats (yes, of course, we watched some of that too), I found this video entitled: A BASIC INTRODUCTION TO RAISING GOATS.

It's like 9 minutes long, and I didn't really intend to watch the whole thing, but I thought it might give us a nice little picture of what goat farming is like. Goat feeding, goat housing, goat... grooming. You know, all your basic goating techniques.

And I'm going to be honest. I don't really know anymore about goating now than I did when I started watching this video. Mostly because, spoiler alert, by around 90 seconds in you discover you've just joined a cult, and I was suddenly much more concerned by that fact than I was about my ability to properly nourish and care for my non-existent milk or beef goats.

I'd like you to watch it, at least for 90 seconds, and remember again, that it was a video I found with the title A BASIC INTRODUCTION TO RAISING GOATS.

As I was accidentally introducing my children to their first doomsday cult, I couldn't help thinking about this:

Because OH CRAP, we've just become these people. We skipped the uber-convinced, young earth, "Jesus says that Noah rode dinosaurs onto the Ark" book, and we're STILL this family. ::Siiiiiiiiigh::

I would like to leave you with this: don't trust the internet. You may have a porn block, but you do not DO NOT have a crazy block. Maybe next week we'll head back to the library. Or screw it. I'll just make stuff up. Because that's what homeschooling your kids is really all about.

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