McDonald's kinda morning. Plus: QUESTIONS.

So I am currently sitting at a McDonald’s with a large cup of black coffee and my mind is exploding.
I grated my thumb, if you're curious. I was grating a lemon peel and  the thingy ate my thumb. Which is fine, really, because I'm on Atkins now and human flesh is still protein.

I am here to interview a few people for a case I need staffed. (Background informations: I am a Behavior Consultant. We do in home behavior therapy for Autistic children, and I get the privilege slash punishment of interviewing and hiring my own staff). This year the turnover in my staff has been, well, mortifying. I spend a lot of time in this particular McDonald’s, waiting for people to come to interviews who, as often as not, never show up. For appointments they have scheduled with our HR themselves. Less than a week ago. Like what grown ups do. And then they don't show up. So I have currently been sitting here for oh, about 40 minutes, because Interview 1 (you’d better sit down for this) DID NOT SHOW UP. Also? Did not answer when I called her. Sometimes, we call that an indicator, and we move on happily with our lives.

But the reason I am currently exploding my brain all over the world is because Interview 3 (who is the most qualified based on resume alone) ALREADY WORKED HERE BEFORE. For like, 3 months, in the summer of 2010. And based on the town she says she worked in, I’m nearly certain I was her supervisor. But 1, I cannot for the life of me remember who she is, and 2, I cannot for the life of me remember what child she worked with.  Granted, I’ve worked with many dozens of families in my 10+ years here, and of course, dozens of employees as well, but just the same, to forget a whole human?!  I can’t believe it. I'm better than this. I'm positive I am. Probably.

Also, 3 measly months??  That is a ridiculously short time to work here, and I do not know what this means. Did I fire you? Did you get hired and then like, quit immediately? GAH there are so many questions and as of yet, no answers.

But I have 3 minutes until my next interview shows up. I mean. Ehem. “Shows up”.

At least the coffee’s good.

Chick who used to work here was the only Interviewee to show up. She'd be wrong about the dates, though. Most of the time she worked under someone else, and she'd actually worked here for over a year. And I'm pretty sure I liked her. And she was never fired. She left when she got a job with more hours.

Prognosis: HIRED!

Cheers to a successful McDonald's morning!

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