This January is the best January of all the Januarys.

So January snuck up and became like, my favorite month in the history of the universe. Which is crazy, because nobody expects that from a January. But there it is. January 2017 is my cold gray month of ultimate happiness. Let’s review what has happened thus far.

    1-    I’ve already lost almost 9 pounds.
I mean, not a bad start, yeah? Okay so for fairness sake, I’ll admit the super gross fact that I started January at my highest non-pregnancy related weight since the first time I started losing weight, back in 2010.  I started January at 167.1, when my highest healthy weight based on BMI is 155.*  So I’ve still got some way to go, but I’m pretty sure I have never IN MY ENTIRE LIFE  lost 9 pounds in one month. Including months wherein I birthed an 8 pound child. Somehow, that never seemed to work out. Go Atkins. You deserve a medal.

    2-    Husband finished his first novel.
This is a fun for me, because, as I am the person who lives in his house, I am the one who gets to read his chapters the moment they’re finished. And he started this book in like September, so I am very happy to have come to the conclusion of their story. Even though it made me cry. Which made me feel dumb because I hate crying. Which made husband dance around like a leprechaun that he used words to make me have feelings I didn’t want to have. OH LIKE THAT’S SO HARD, GEEZ.

When we first met and I learned he was a writer, I was… not a happy person. It meant there was something else that might impact my ability to like or respect him. I mean, if he wanted to be a writer and he was, say, really bad at it, or even just blandly mediocre at it, I couldn’t see how I could manage to spend my whole life with him. I’m not that good at patronizing. And most jobs wouldn’t cause that. If he wanted to be a teacher, or a… I don’t know, marketing director, he would just need to be good enough at his job to keep bringing home a paycheck. But to spend my whole life stroking the ego of some delicate artiste? Um thanks I’d rather not. Turns out, praise the almighty Jebus**, he’s actually a super talented writer. And his ego can totally handle criticism when it comes. So my life is not a tortured one.

    3-    I paid off my Master’s Degree!
Unfortunately this does not mean that we are completely out of debt, but it means we are down to the last one, which is big, which is Biola, and seeing as we are renewing our commitment to hard cold budgeting, I’m hoping to see DEBT FREE show up as soon as possible. 

    4-    Our New Addition becomes a PERMANENT Addition on February 9!
Sure, it’s in February. But we finally got the news about it yesterday, which was January, and I’m thinking this just means February might be AN EVEN MORE AWESOME MONTH. Man, 2017 is the BEST.

Anyhoosit, after such a long wait, such a long period of being given dates, and then seeing those dates pass by without a returned phone call, with nothing but crickets, we finally FINALLY have the court date for the finalization of our adoption. Which is like, amazing. I can’t believe it’s here. 2 years ago I met her. 2 years ago I texted my husband saying I just met our new daughter. Aaaand some people figured I’d lost my mind. Granted, I probably sounded crazy. But now she’s been living with us for 18 months, and on February  9, she becomes officially ours. SO WHO’S CRAZY NOW?!? HA. Do not doubt when Jesus tells me things. Because he does, and I was right. Just like in the Bible.
Rock on, January. Rock. The heck. ON.

Now I know a good portion of the world is screaming and protesting and expecting the apocalypse, and sure, this is a time of, shall we say, Limited Civil Discourse. I know it feels bad and gross outside, and that it seems like all the humans hate all the other humans. But an older and wiser woman than myself once told me something that I’ve been thinking a lot about now. She said she used to be obsessed with politics. She watched all the different cable news channels, and sometimes just because she thought they were morons, and she wanted to hear what the morons had to say. And then in her fifties she realized: None of this was helping her life. None of this was pushing her to become a better person. None of this helped her family, or her job, or her friends. So she turned off the news. She ignored the politics. She focused on what she could control in life, and did her best at that. And I’m thinking now in my older and wiser 30s, that maybe she was onto something. Don’t watch the news. Don’t click on the post. Ignore it until the media realizes we don’t want to read about constant hatred and name calling all day every day. And maybe, if we can show them we’ve stopped caring, people will stop the doing.

I mean, or whatever. That’s my plan. But my month is rocking the freakin HOUSE, so what do I know.

Peace out friends, happy happy happy Friday!!

*I'm sorry. I like numbers. I like calculations and percentages. I getting excited about doing taxes, just because it's like, a fun look at how our year went. Because it takes a Weirdo to raise a Weirdo.

**Simpsons, guys, chill. I only praise the real Jesus when I don’t have my tongue pressed into my cheek.


  1. I found your blog on our local homeschooling page and I have to tell you, I've giggled at every post I've read! You crack me up, and get me talking to my screen, "Yep! I know how you feel!" So glad to hear about your FABULOUS January!


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