Yeah that's right. It started out rough, but when it comes down to it, this week has been nothing short of HASHTAG WINNING.

So let me list my wins for you:

1~ I gave my 3 year old his first ponytail ever.
You can't tell here, but he really loved it. His 5 year old brother was not so accommodating to his mother's weird requests. PSH. Weirdo.

It was a very "wait, what's in the house right now and how can I cook it?" kind of night. Chicken, zucchini, mozzarella, that I knew I had, but I was hurting for tomato sauce, or something else to "bring it all together". I checked our canned goods and found some tomato paste and tomato soup, cooked it up with some olive oil  and added in some Italian seasoning and garlic salt. And ya know what? It worked like a charm. The kids deemed it: "Better than puh-sketti". Which is high praise, I assure you.
It went from this:                                                                    To this:  

Oh, and YES, if you're curious, 75% of my children ARE still wearing their pajamas at 7pm when we were able to sit down for dinner. Because some days are like that. Because who cares. They did chores, they did academic work, they read, they played. Fashion is overrated. 

3~ This week, when my son threw up in the car, I HAD A BUCKET READY. HIGH FIVE. BOOYAH GRANDMA. NOT TODAY, SATAN. TAKE THAT ISIS.
That's right. I learned a lesson. And when we got home, I rinsed that vomit bucket out with more personal pride than I had at my Master's degree hooding ceremony. Because I learned a lesson. I LEARNED A LESSON, AMERICA! And they said it couldn't be done. Haters.

Pan seared garlic cod with a lemon cream sauce that I totally NAILED, with a side of riced cauliflower. Gotta be honest, I am absolutely killing it at my new food processor, and everyone ate everything and apparently my kids all like fish now what. 

Also? They LOVE how the food processor magically turns the cauliflower into rice. They watch it like HOLY BANANAS WHAT IS THIS WITCHERY. It starts out as little white florets and then.... there ya go. Now it's rice. Of course I'm not telling them that it's not actually rice, because right now, they eat it and they love it, and I'm not stupid enough to mess with that. Basically, it's a pre-dinner magic show performance, because that's what RIDONCULOUSLY AWESOME MOTHERS DO. Dinner and a show. You're welcome, everyone.

Also, you may have noticed that 2 of my winnings are family dinners. Which I like just five minutes ago said is the worst part of parenting ever. Well, I dunno. Maybe my brain broke. Maybe my children broke. This week has been better, and it may have been some kind of miracle. Or pharmaceutical medication slipped into the veggies. Point is, I'm not telling.

5~ This actual very morning, wherein I had 3 hours at home by myself before work.
No idea at all how long it's been since I've spent this long in my house without other humans, and I'm really impressed by how quiet a place can get. I had no idea. ...Lil bit scary. Just sayin'.

From this....
The dang thing has been in the shop for almost 3 fracking weeks, but it is now in our garage and there is no more duct tape. Also, the timing belt is fixed and the ac is serviced and yada yada yada NO MORE DUCT TAPE! 

To this!

Ha. It's like we fancy. Because we're #Winning.

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