Not Today Satan! Financial Addition

I probably need to start this one with an apology. As it turns out, I've developed some serious diarrhea of the mouth with this one very particular part of my life. Specifically, I never ever never stop telling people that we're getting out of debt.  Every day. All the time. I just say it and I can't stop saying it and I am very sorry to all the people who used to be my friends but can now no longer suffer my existence. 

But guys, this has been bananas and it is almost done and I am CRAZY about it. For context, I personally had accrued about 80 FRACKING THOUSAND DOLLARS in student loan debt which is outrageous and embarrassing and there we are. 

And although we've been working through this for over 5 years, 2018 started with about 20k left in debt remaining. By contrast, as of today, my last student loan balance is $1,604.00. Which is AWESOME. INTENSE. SUPER GREAT. It's the product of intense work and late nights and laser focus. By laser focus I mean a pinky promise to not spend any money whatsoever on things like Easter outfits for the kids, or replacement headphones, or new jeans. And now I finally get to say I am almost out of debt. In fact, IN FACT, I technically have enough money RIGHT NOW to go ahead and pay off the balance.

And then, again, life happens.

This weeks story: every pair of jeans I own has holes. The soles of my multiple pairs of shoes have started to flop off. Not one but TWO of my bras have turned themselves into aggressive chest-stabbing devices this past week. And to top it off, one of our vehicles just flicked on its Check Engine light, and the other one has been hospitalized for general fluid leakage**. 

I mean let's be real. It's not a huge surprise that our stuff is falling apart. Thing is, when you decide to spend no money on things for months at a time, your things get old and bad. Wearing the same pair of cheap pants every single day can cause those pants to fall apart at an extraordinary rate. When you accidentally light your last pair of headphones on fire while making tea* and you don't have an extra 20 or 30 bucks budgeted to replace them, you just use the same half melted earbuds until the wire structure finally falls apart and you find that whatever I guess you won't die without earbuds.


Today I went shopping for new pants. I found some for $20 at Kohl's that didn't even have holes in them, (although the holes thing has become OUTRAGEOUSLY popular, it seems WOW). Personally, I couldn't constitute replacing ripped jeans with more ripped jeans, so I went the uncool way. Also NOTE: These are not Juniors jeans. These are jeans made for adult human women. Is this who we are now, women? Is this what we wear while we do all our Hashtag Adulting? Second NOTE: This is maybe the oldest lady moment of my life thus-far. You are welcome.

But the shopping trip got me thinking: what happens when there's no more debt? When I could use a new pair of jeans or the kids grow out of their shoes. What happens then? Now probably, I'll still be the penny pinching budget hero who chooses the $20 jeans and walks right past the $50 jeans, and doesn't even shop at a store that carries the $120 jeans. But also, I don't think I'll feel much stress about ripped pants. And I DEFINITELY don't think I'll drive around for months and months with a duct-taped car.  And that kind of freedom, that kind of general sense of peace and responsibility, well, I gotta say. It's tempting.

Ya know what? I've done it. I've convinced myself. No dancing around and worrying and waiting. And despite any car-in-the-shop issues I may be having, as of RIGHT NOW, for the first time in these nearly 12 years of marriage, the Miller family is 

*100% sounds like something I would have done. 100% sounds like something I SHOULD have done. But no, my friends. The great Apple Earbud Fiasco of 2018 was all Husband's doing.

**In the car's defense, it is very old. Many people become incontinent in their old age and I'm not sure that the car should be shamed for it.

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