Well I guess this is growing up.

Guys, it is Monday night. And I need some friggin HELP. Because as it turns out, something terrible has happened. And that thing is that my infant child is now like, some adult human woman and I have no idea how to handle it.

We started noticing the changes this year. Her skinny little legs are now COVERED in thick blonde hair. She thinks differently than she did. She talks differently than she did. And oh yeah, apparently, she has a boyfriend. But the thing that really threw me for an absolute loop (feel free to judge my parental priorities now) was her new meltdowns. See, my normally hardworking, motivated, sweet-hearted little girl has become surly, ignores everything I say, and randomly bursting into tears bad enough to legitimately freak me the heck out.

::Awkwardly pats daughter's head::
There, there. Please stop screaming. Everything is okay, probably. Also, I really hope this isn't happening because you have been recently possessed by the devil.

But as it turns out, she is possessed by the Devil. For Devil, thy name is Puberty.

When the insanity began earlier this year, I decided to start making a note on my Iphone calendar because that is where I keep all the things in my life. Any time I had a HOLY COW WHAT DEMON HAS TAKEN OVER YOUR LIFE experience with my eldest child, I made a note in my calendar.

Saturday was one of those days. Which felt super uncool.  I mean, it was Saturday, and I took the kids bathing suit shopping. It was a 100% Nice Day. Except of course that it had more tears than I could count. Plus gallons of grumpy feelings. Plus, she thought all the bathing suits were terrible and was incapable of choosing one. So I took it all in. Then I made a note.

But unlike previous terrible days, I took it a step farther. I looked back, and marked the duration of time between the notes.

The answer? 24-25 days. Like. Clockwork.

So we had a talk. Because after all madness, it turns out this wasn't my child reverting to horrible toddler tantrum stage. Instead my child was experiencing a new influx of hormones and emotions that she's never had before. Her body is changing. Her hormones are raging. And it makes her cry and scream a lot.

Gosh how quickly it happens. We've been parents for a blink of an eye. More specifically, that blink has lasted 8 years, 8 months. And during that time, we've seen:

this barely toddling Toddler....    
become this Bonafide Big Kid.

This upside down 3 year old...
Become this still upside down tumbling fanatic.

And somehow this sweet almost 1 year old...    
               Became this sweet almost 4th grader.

Sunrise, sunset my friends. This is hard and it goes fast and I really can't grasp the fact that my tiny screaming infant baby is now becoming an actual human person. Of course, we all know it's going to happen, but then all of a sudden, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS. And the actual happening is so much different than the knowing about the happening. And it still feels like a surprise. Because I look around my life and what do I see now? No more diapers in my house. No more sleepless nights. No more bottles. No more walking little ones around the house to keep the  cries at bay. No more strollers. No more swaddles. No more diaper bags. No more pacifiers. No more babies.

I'm not complaining. I promise I'm not. Because for one, babies are an insane drain on the human body and I'm pretty sure I barely survived the 3 I brought into this world. Plus, there's so, so much more exciting stuff to come.

I guess what I'm saying is that, I just wish it wouldn't insist on coming quite so fast. 

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