Surprise! You've got Voicemail!

Hey guys! So today we had an awesome church service, great worship, great friends, and the kids ran up all excited to see me at the end which was just a beautiful little cherry on top of an awesome morning. Then I head home and realize, hey look at that! Someone called me during church, and they left a voicemail!

Well that's pretty exciting! I mean, I've gotten a lot of junk calls lately, but they usually don't even leave a voicemail. So now I'm left thinking...
Oooh! Maybe it's about the fancy new couch we bought last night! Maybe they already got it in stock and are ready to ship it over! Well that's it, I better listen up. I mean, no knowing until you check it out. Plus? No time like the present.

Join me, won't ya?
QUICK DISCLAIMER: The voicemail was... a little rough. A little PG pressing toward PG-13. So I edited in some fun music and slow motion video of my kids blowing bubbles for the dog. Please enjoy.

So... not calling about the couch, then.

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