To Do Listing. Because the time is NOW.

School is starting soon. I mean, yes obviously it started already for everyone else in the known universe, but as homeschoolers, we reserve the right to be lazy butts and push our education back a week or two later than everyone else's. Also, I had a bunch of meetings and stuff last week so, yeah. We skipped it. Which officially makes this Wednesday our 5th-First Day of Homeschool. Pictures and traditions and a little bit more "aww look how they're growing up, it all goes so fast, don't blink, yada yada" mess to come later this week.

In the mean time, I've been trying to think of something amusing and insightful and inspiring to write the last few days and, as it turns out, I can't get myself there. Because like many other times when I've slipped out of the writing routine, the only thing my brain is capable of formulating right now is a To Do list. 
So here it is. My To Do List, brought to you by my brain:
#1- Write an amusing and insightful and inspiring blog post...
#2- Also you have that report to finish.
#1- Hmm. Maybe you should finish that report first actually. Deadline is coming soon.
#2- Also, probably time to throw dinner in the crock pot.
#1- I'd like another cup of coffee too.
#1- Wait, did I read my Bible today? Gosh, and I think I forgot yesterday too. Definitely need to grab a cup of coffee and sit down with my Bible.
#1- YIKES. Dishes. Just real quick I'll get those done.
#2- Did I write that meeting on my calendar? I can't forget that. Better make a note.
#3- Good point. I should schedule out my week real quick. What days are practices now? Gymnastics? Ballet? Are their clothes clean?
#4- Okay, throw in a QUICK load of laundry. Then dishes/dinner/coffee/Bible.
#5- Also, when does Karate start? Wait, do I need to find karate clothes for city classes? And where the heck do they sell Karate clothes? I need to remember to call that teacher about Karate clothes.
**Side note: Why is someone having a tantrum right now? 
Meh, forget it. I think I'll practice that Cry It Out method. 
Seemed to work when they were babies.
#6- Work is starting soon. Did I call everyone I need to? Gotta make those calls so everyone knows I'm coming.
#7- I don't think I'm wearing deodorant yet. Handle the deodorant thing. That's on the list.
#8- Also, I have to leave in an hour. Forget it. I don't have time to straighten my hair. Guess it's a bun or braid day again.
#9- Oooh, gotta remember to run by the store after work and pick up the toothpaste and the.... the something or other that I forgot to get at the grocery store yesterday. (NOTE: Figure out what the something or other is. This feels important.) 
#10- ALSO! Make sure to pick up crickets. Spider looks hungry. No one wants that.
#11- Have I even brushed my teeth yet. Gah. No. I am gross.
#12- Hey heads up, we're starting school in 2 days. Dooooo... I know what that entails?
#13- Make sure the camera is ready. Cuz at the least, it entails pictures.
#14- Do I have supplies?
#15- Did I choose a handwriting curriculum?
#16- MARSHMALLOW ROASTING STICKS!!! The something or other was marshmallow roasting sticks! HA. Nailed it. Hashtag winning at life.
#1-   Wait. What. Is. That. Smell. New #1. Address the smell.
#17- So besides pictures and marshmallows and handwriting… maybe I should sit down with my planner and bang out a plan for the first day or something. Yeah, that’s a good one. That’s definitely on the list. 
#18- Why do I still have this headache. This is annoying. Medicine? Or water? Or suck it up? Uh forget it. All headaches go away eventually anyway.
#19- I mean unless it’s a brain tumor.
#20- Ashley, don’t. Don’t do that. That is dumb. Just… take a Tylenol and go to work.
#21- I should post those couches for a lower price, we need to get those couches out of the garage asap.
#22- Schedule time to get that report done before the deadline.
#23- THEN Write an amusing and insightful and inspiring blog post.
#24- Then, of course, lose 20 pounds.
#24- Meh, split the difference. Lost 10 pounds, and call it Good Enough. 

So there it is. There’s my sort of, most of, list for the day. I have done some of the things so far. And some other things I spared you from. And I had my kids do chores and practice piano and do another page in their summer workbooks (seriously, amazing how fast summer just LEAVES and the workbook is like, not even close to done). But as we stand now, the hair is still a frizzy mess and the teeth are as of yet unbrushed, and I am not inspired. Or inspiring. And I am still practicing the cry it out method for a child who is mad at me because…. Reasons. She is safe and healthy and I love her. And soon(ish) she will stop screaming, and decide to take 5 minutes and finish the small, already explained, not-new-information assignment in front of her, and all will be well. 

Or I’ll leave for work and this will be her father’s problem. 

Either way. It’s all good. 

Unless you are said father. In which case, sorry bro. Better luck next life.

LAST: If you found this list difficult to follow, say, scattered and overwhelmed and outrageously disorganized, try having this list for a brain, played over a background track of a child screaming for your death. Then, take a second and be glad you are not me.

If, on the other hand you found this list horrifyingly relatable, and it reminded you that you also haven’t yet planned for dinner or brushed your teeth, then I raise my ice cold cup of forgotten-about morning coffee to you. Fight on, super friend. You are amazing. You can overcome. And dude, smile. Cuz you’re totally gonna CRUSH IT today.

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